Welcome to the Library of Lamathrath

Lamathrath of the Nexus

Lamathrath of the Nexus

“My Master and King, the Creator of all worlds, has entrusted me, Lamathrath of the Nexus, with a duty that is mine and mine alone. I am to observe and record the stories and histories of all the Other Worlds, wherein the Name of the Lord is praised by all faithful races, be they elf, dwarf or any other. Here in the halls of my library do I write the tales of all worlds. Welcome, gentle readers!”


The Library of Lamathrath is a shared universe begun by author Marshal Myers, and based upon his five fantasy novels. The stories on this website serve to expand the worlds that served as settings for his novels. Marshal was born with cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair for mobility all his life. He has a passion for adventure and swordplay, creating characters that appeal to his vivid imagination and the imaginations of his readers. His writing allows him to have the adventures that would otherwise be impossible due to his physical condition. He hopes to provide every reader with a unique and beneficial reading experience that will leave their hearts changed for the better.

Joining Marshal in this venture is Josh Cusick, a friend of many years, and fellow cerebral palsy overcomer. Josh is an indomitable encourager and aviation enthusiast with a similar passion for fantastic adventure. He longs to share his courageous spirit through the fiery tales of adventure that he has burning inside his heart.

To read Marshal’s essay chronicling his experiences in publishing and writing, click “A Word From Creator Marshal Myers”; or, to read synopses of the works contained in Myers’s Library of Lamathrath Collection, click “Books in the Nexus”.

Welcome to the Library!

2 Responses to Welcome to the Library of Lamathrath

  1. Mckenzie says:

    Hey marshal and josh, it’s McKenzie. Hope you guys are doing ok.

  2. Monica Toth says:

    Hello there Marshal, I received your book just a moment ago. I no longer have messenger and so I pray you will receive this message. I’m soo excited about this gift l. I thank you for this gift of your imagination and can’t wait to read every part if it. You can text me on my phone number
    770-789-0418. Thank you dear friend for this amazing gift. 😊🙏

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