Vaering Song

It is not often that I write of the northern barbarian races that inhabit the snow-covered reaches of the Other Worlds. Many of these races are pagan, though some have seen the Light of the Master. However there are some instances in which some of these tawny-haired Norsemen have abandoned their gods of war and have turned from pillaging the protection of the weak. Such is the case of the Vaering Guard that swore to serve King Jaerython, of whom I have made mention in another volume of history. Thus do I record this merry song which they sang near the time of the beginning of the Second Everfrost.-Lamathrath of the Nexus

Vaering Song

We were born with sword and axe in hand

For men of the North are we

We stand with men of Pallanon,

Lest the Helheim hounds break free

By elven bow or dwarvish rune

Are our great swords made

The true God sends a holy kiss

To ev’ry silvered blade

We have abandoned daemon gods

For the one God first

Like the Spirit o’er the whale’s  home

Our souls now uncursed

We shall serve those of King Jaer

Clad in mail and fur of bear

We shall serve him to the last

Yea, ev’ry man and thane

We shall stand with the riders nine,

‘Til comes the winter’s bane.

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