Of The Founding of Palantine City

Though I, Lamathrath, am what men of the Primary World would deem a historian, I hold but small affection for footnotes, I have found one of the volumes of my history of Ar Nemnu to be somewhat lacking, inasmuch as I have not commented at all on the construction of that jewel of the true faith that is Ar Nemnu’s Palantine City. I tapped into the mind of Celwyn, a lesser cleric who journeyed to that world when the Star Road first appeared. I plan to expand at a later date on his notes concerning the early years of the city. Moreover, as I write these words I find it to my angelic liking to write footnotes, and if it be the Master’s will, I shall collect a book consisting of nothing but footnotes. May this always serve to enlighten. -Lamathrath of the Nexus

Of the Founding of Palantine City


They had come to this world of marble shale from the land called Wales. Now, the Humans, while in uncharted land, came upon a strange sight – marble plains as far as the eye could see, with a single large marble mesa breaking the monotone of the flat plain away to the east. As the Humans walked closer to the huge white rock formation, they could hear, but not yet see,  the sounds of a labored excavations for a planned city coming from within and all around. As the travelers approached, they noticed, much like Jericho depicted in the Bible, that this was a walled structure, having several outside walls that served as protection during time of trouble.

Being as it was, isolated on the marble mesa, the Humans thought that location would make a nice place to set up the capital of Ar Nemnu, Palantine City, and one of them, recalling a story of Joshua from the Book of Joshua in the Bible went into the city to see whether it was indeed possible to found the capital there. After a while, he had returned to deliver his report that the location was suitable and would sustain them, for they knew not if they would return to Cymru but by the will of God. Some of the younger children were beginning to call their Lord Cael-Illu, “Warrior of Light”. They knew who or what under heaven inhabited this land. But with the new or they had discovered, and the strange, azure veil of holiness that surrounded their Bible and gave them life, the garrison of Pwyn Gwythyr, their wives and clerics entreated their God and singing hymns to their God in Welsh and began construction of what would become known as Palantine City.

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