Proverbs from the Other Worlds

As I have mentioned in a previous work, I, Lamathrath of the Nexus, hold no love for footnotes, however the one ephemeral piece of literature that I hold close to my heart is that of the proverb. And, like the many wise sages of the Primary World, the wise ones of the worlds which I chronicle hold pearls of wisdom from the Master. Thus have I compiled this brief collection of their wise sayings. -Lamathrath of the Nexus

The true worth of a blade is not in the quality of its forging but in the quality of its wielder’s soul. -Almiras the Warrior

One who gazes at the stars should seek instead to gaze at the blackness of his own soul or seek the face of the One who set the stars upon their heavenly courses. -Surgessar of Nilmeronel

The measure of a leader of a nation is not avoiding going to war but in never giving his enemies cause to attack. -King Rothgaric of Irminsul

A paladin without faith is like a hilt with no blade. –Balladin of Silvardrassil

The greatest battle is fought not on the battlefield but in the heart of the warrior. -Almiras the Warrior
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