The Wooing of Iselienin

How much in temperament, bearing and appearance are the fair folk of the worlds like my  brethren. In many cases they were and are the first race to set foot in a new world, and turn it from an untamed, feral land into a gem of shining beauty. Because of their longevity, their courtships and heaven-ordained unions can last for centuries, usually only brought to an end by the sword or the shaft. Not taking into account the so to say drawn-out courtship of Rothgaric and Ragna of Irminsul, no two lovers in all Ealinde loved quite like Prince Ealrohil of Nilmeronel and Iselienin, his  Queen. Come, let me tell you of their courtship.- Lamathrath of the Nexus

The Wooing of Iselienin

In Nilmeronel in days of old

In fields of Emerald, not of Gold,

Iselienin danced at eve

The autumn leaves upon her sleeve.

In Elvenlands, ‘twas none as fair

As she upon her bright green lair.

Came Oak-Prince from the city white

And he beheld her with delight.

He longed by her to dance that day

And for to with her always stay

They danced as the sun left the wood

Gildéador knew it was good.

Éalrohil a mere maid wooed

Upon a pure autumn day.

And you can see them dancing still

On eves bereft of winter’s chill,

Thus elf-folk of Nilmeronel

See them and know all is well.

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