Only a few cycles have passed since I, Lamathrath of the Nexus, wrote of the Humans of Ar Nemnu and the beginning of the Holy Alliance. It was not long after the formation of the Alliance that the Keimbold Demons attacked, intent on seizing the Magic of Illu  for their dark purposes. Together with their two cardinal allies, the Knights of Ar Nemnu fought a great battle. Aided on the ground by leather-clad Nomegon warriors arm with sling and club, claymore and axe while Areoth legionaries  loosed lightning bolts from bows on high. Heaven’s Power! Had I been a warrior angel and not a scribe,  I would have reveled all the more in the battle-glory.-Lamathrath of the Nexus


Tales told long ago of a land

Splendor as far as the eye can see

But how would outsiders force its hand

For under attack Palantine would soon be

Would the invasion be repelled; the land kept safe from harm?

An army with iron jaw of the enemy had encircled the land

And Areoth lightning longbowmen of Ar Nemnu opposed, a contest of arms

Intense the battle was, yet to force thy foe’s hand

Vanquished at last was th’ enemy, yet heavy was the cost

Slain on a field of battle were Human and Nomegon men

Many a-time, the tide hath turned, the battle thought lost

The forces of light eventually victorious, Palantine was safe again

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