Ar Nemnu: An Order of Conquest

I have before me the beginnings of a chronicle of the Journey of the Realmwalkers, who followed the emissaries of the other free races into their homelands, even into the domain of the evil Keimbold to the North, which earned the King of the Humans, Dwyneddin Starhammer, the memorable title of “the Cartographer King.” It is somewhat synoptic, but after all, I have all the time in the worlds, for time is but a human invention. -Lamathrath of the Nexus


After victory was achieved in and around the glistening marble-white towers of Palantine City, Dwyneddin Starhammer of the House of Starhammer commanded that a party of twelve men be sent into the far reaches of Ar Nemnu to scope out the land and seek the dwelling and origins of the Keimbold. But that was not his only order – the King also commanded this: “Go forth into the land and survey it. However, be wary of evil doings. In an age such as this, darkness is everywhere. Be careful! Go forth!”

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