Journey of the Realmwalkers, Section 2


Although the Humans had been traveling for some time, as it was their fourth day out from Palantine City, and six days since the order of conquest was given.

The Humans thought they were traveling alone; yet they were not for a guide appointed for them on their their travels by the True Ruler of Palantine City. And the very trees of the Nomegon forest seemed to have branches . But the small band of Humans travelers would soon learn to rely on the guidance of Cael-Illu, , His Messenger and his Descendant more than their own….

Then the Humans heard a voice, not of their guide, nor of the travelers themselves – it seemed to come from deep within every heart, as in the leaves of the Book of Illu: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;”

And then they stopped.

For before the group was a way made safe for them by some unknown power. The Humans asked one another “Who has created this?” Said another: “What power is this that commands us so?  Surely the Ruler who has authority greater than the House of Starhammer plays a part in this.”

But that did not stop the strange, still voice.

Eventually, a vision that Cael-Illu gave one of the Humans led them all to return to city by another road.

FOOTNOTE: It is uncharacteristic of me to forget a detail of such importance, but I neglected to mention at the beginning the names of the Knights of Palantine Dwyneddin appointed to the mission. The Humans were Sir Anwyth, Captain Lorwyn, who was his uncle, Owain Welryth, and his squire, Thael. Their guide through the Emerald Woods was the Nomegon battler Asklin McRein, and Rammelor of House Agarth, Ranger-General of Yranthor represented the Areoth.-Lamathrath of the Nexus

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