The Silvardrassilien Creed

Never before in the Worlds did the Master give mortals such a glimpse of his Plan than he did to the Council of Free Races in the City of Silvardrassil, the Spiritual Capital of the World of Veritia. I have written a volume detailing the coming, death, and new life of Esulien. Here are the Fundamental Truths and Convictions of His Church.- Lamathrath of the Nexus


I know that there is one King, radiant and beautiful

Creator of all, and known equally in all worlds

Whether visible or invisible.

And one Son of this King, begotten by, yet coeval with his Father,

who is the wellspring of the Holy Spirit of our Lord and of His Great Magic in the hearts of all free peoples

I know there to be two schools of magic, one of life and light and one of darkness

I abjure all practice of the magic of darkness which flows not from the soul of the Spirit of the Radiant King,

but from the Enemy who is known also in all worlds.

Through the son of the radiant King,

who in this world is known as Esulien, walked in a mortal body upon this middle-earth, Veritia

in the city of Silvardrassil, performing many signs and wonders,

was delivered up to the Shadow King, and suffered unspeakable torture

then b slain by the sword of shadow.

And in three days banished the enemy from his physical body, freed the Light Bringers of ages past, and with them sang asunder the magical bonds keeping the city from natural light.

I know there to be the holy magic of Esulien,

One legion of all free races, Paladinian, and against all those races created by the master of Darkness

I know that that day is coming soon when the silver tree of Silvardrassil shall bear fruit and the dead in Esulien shall rise to defeat the shadow King and cast him into oblivion.

I know that there is one on unction of holy magic known in all worlds and made available to the races of our Lord in all worlds.

I look forward to the day, and I know it shall come, when the roads to all worlds will be open to another, and all free races will dwell in peace and joy. AMEN

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