Journey of the Realmwalkers, Part 3

I have written twice before of how the soldiers of Palantine journeyed with their guides, surveying and bringing Light to the unreached free peoples but recently making up the Alliance. Here follows the final stave of their tale. – Lamathrath of the Nexus

Upon hearing the strange voice the Realmwalkers were frightened “What was that?” inquired Asklin McRein. “I have no clue” returned Rammelor of House Agarth. So on, the little band of travelers went until….

“Wait! There it is again!” cried the Ranger, who was representative of the Areoth. At this, the entire body began to tremble.

“What shall we do?” asked Owain Welryth.

“We shall make a return by another road,” Thael Welryth, his squire, quipped.


Finally, after much travel, the gleaming white marble towers of Palantine City came into view.

“We’ve made it!” cried Asklin McRein.

“So we have.” said Captain Lorwyn.

“Yes, we’ve come this far, but there’s still a ways to go.’ Sir Anwyth reminded the group

By this time, it was nigh upon the non hour when Rammelor  of House Agaorth led them in procession into the city to report to the King on their travels.

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